About APB


The Asia Pacific Board (APB) has been established according to the Communications Society (ComSoc) Bylaws. The APB acts as a management body which represents the ComSoc to the Asia Pacific (AP) Region. It fosters provision of ComSoc’s technical and information services to the ComSoc members in the AP Region and promotes their participation in the ComSoc activities. It also reflects the interests of the AP Regional members in establishing the policies and procedures of the ComSoc.


  1. APB shall promote the ComSoc membership in the AP region.
  2. APB shall foster the provision of ComSoc’s technical and information services in the AP region.
  3. APB shall endeavor to converge the interests and opinions of AP regional ComSoc members and reflect them to ComSoc’s policies and procedures.
  4. APB shall promote the global and regional technical activities in the AP region.
  5. APB shall collaborate with other ComSoc boards, councils and committees in the international matters.
  6. APB shall support ComSoc’s collaboration with the Sister Societies in the AP region.
  7. APB shall promote and coordinate the ComSoc Chapter activities in the AP region.
  8. APB shall conduct other related businesses.