Sister Societies

The following is a list of ComSoc sister societies in the AP region and their ongoing call for papers:

» CIC (China Institute Of Communications @ China)

» CIEE (Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering @ Taiwan)

» CMAI (Communication Multimedia and Infrastructure Association @ India)

» IEICE-CS (IEICE Communications Society @ Japan)

IEICE-CS is the largest academic network based in Japan, which deals with communication theory and technologies as well as its applications. It provides interactive discussion schemes by papers and conferences. In IEICE-CS, 21 regular technical committees incubate and explore new research fields to expand new knowledge for all researchers.

» IETE (Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers @ India)

» KICS (Korean Institute of Communications and Information Sciences @ South Korea)

KICS was established to foster innovation and excellence in information and communication technologies and to disseminate them through academic researches on related fields. KICS will promote advancement of national industrial development and international cooperation.

» REV (Radio-Electronic Association of Vietnam @ Vietnam)

» SCS (Singapore Computer Society @ Singapore)